Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beading Times!

This month I had the good fortune to have one of my beaded necklaces included in a wonderful online beading magazine, The Beading Times!   My Freshwater Pearls and Copper Necklace was featured with square beads in the Design Corner(September issue). This column features a different bead shape each month, offering lots of wonderful examples to inspire the reader and get those creative juices flowing!
Editor Sandra J. Paluzzi offers great beading, design, and marketing tips for the beading enthusiast. Meet featured bead artists, and enjoy a free monthly bead project! Clear, step by step instructions and great pictures make it easy to follow along! I loved this month's project, a framed bead pendant by Carol Ladine Lagoski!

Sandy also owns The Bead Peddler (Wholesale Beads, Beading Supplies and open to the Public) and has a shop on Etsy, beadpeddler.

It was very exciting for me to have a piece of my jewelry included in this informative online magazine, especially after the difficult summer I had. It was just what I needed to get that little spark back into me!

Have a great day!

*It's important to note that inclusion in this design column is free, and by invitation only.  Their jury exclusively searches through etsy and finds the look they need. They would appreciate not getting pictures or links to sites.