Saturday, April 2, 2011

No Joke!

It's hard to believe that this picture was taken yesterday!
It WAS April Fool's Day, but this was no joke! We actually woke up to this beautiful snowy winter scene on April 1, 2011! I'm sure our resident Red Bellied Woodpecker was wondering what happened! Only the week before we were enjoying 80 degree weather (Also not typical for NJ) and I planted these gorgeous Violas!

Aren't they amazing! 
Violas and Pansies are my favorite spring flowers to plant in early spring. They are extremely hardy and have bounced back already after being snow laden yesterday! My garden is in full bloom with white snowdrops and blue snow glories are just beginning to dot my garden!

A week ago during our short lived warm spell, things were just beginning to come back to life after a very long, cold winter. Anxious to get out and work in my garden, I got my first blisters of the season raking around my gardens! I cleaned up our two ponds and got the waterfall working again only to find out it has a leak somewhere along its path. The frogs came out to enjoy the warmth of the sun and watch me fuss around the pond, patiently waiting for me to leave.

Hopefully this snow melts quickly and we've seen the last of it until next winter! I'm so ready for spring!
I love hearing the birds happily singing, watching the chipmunks busy scurrying around looking for seed at the base of the bird feeder, and laughing how the squirrels have managed to make the feeder into their version of McDonalds, dining on my bird seed!

Spring is here ---- if only the weather would co-operate! !
Have a great day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

One of a Kind Gifts For Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day!  Hearts and birds have always been two of my favorite shapes to decorate with and create with!  So, I thought it would be fun to show you a few items that I have just created --- perfect for

Having a Valentine's Day Party? Or invited to a party? My 'Recycled2Party' Wine Charms would be fun to bring as a hostess gift or a unique conversation starter at your own party! Earth friendly, these pretty hearts have been created with recycled soda cans! Each heart is one of a kind! 

 'Crazy Hearts' Recycled2Party Wine Charms

'Hearts of Gold, Black & Red' Recycled2Party Wine Charms
Not listed yet!

'Pretty Hearts' Recycled2Party Wine Charms

Bracelets and Earrings are also wonderful gifts to receive!

'Love Birds' Copper & Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

'Twitter Love' Antiqued Brass and Crystal Earrings

How about something a little different?
Once again, I put those recycled soda cans to great use by helping the earth
 and decorating this adorable birdhouse!
It's also a wonderful gift for a bird lover and their lucky birds this spring!

'Love Birds- Recycled Soda Pop Charm' Birdhouse

 My 'Heart with a Connection' Collection, and handpainted Jewelry/Keepsake Boxes are also one-of-a-kind boxes that are perfect to fill with chocolates or jewelry for another unique gift! Inspired by my love of the ocean, I create my 'Heart with a Connection' Wood Heart Boxes, with wonderful natural treasures that have been hand collected from the shores around the world!

'Goldfinches' Handpainted Wood Heart Box

'Something Old, Something New....' Wooden Heart Shaped Keepsake Box

 This gorgeous shabby chic heart shaped box was created with a bride in mind! This would be such a great way to present an engagement ring tucked inside with a handful of her favorite candy! A perfect bride's gift with a seaside wedding or just a wonderful treasure for anyone who loves the ocean!

Visit my Shop for more beautiful items for Valentine's Day!
I love working with people to create personalized items they can treasure!
Many of these items can be customized for parties and bridal party gifts.
Contact me if you have any questions at

I hope to be featuring more beautiful and unique items from Etsy and Artfire Artists, just in time for Valentine's day!

Have a great day!