Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Love Birds" Adorable Recycled Soda Pop Can Birdhouses

"Love Birds"  Birdhouse created with wood and
 recycled soda pop cans.
 Created by TKDesigns on Etsy.Com (click on name to be brought to listing)

Spring will be here soon, and our resident feathered friends will be out shortly to search for a safe
  place to nest and raise their families!
I'm also getting ready for the spring with a new series
 of birdhouses called 'Love Birds'!
 This adorable birdhouse in the picture above is the
first design in a series of four.
Each birdhouse is one-of-a-kind!
Recycled soda pop cans and nails, create the
unique designs of the Love Birds,
flowers, and other embellishments that adorn each house.
 Outdoor paint in soft white and pale spring green, create the backdrop for this charming scene.
The front panel of the birdhouse is a door with a latch,
allowing easy access to clean and check on the birds if needed. 
It has good ventilation which is important for air circulation and cooling. Drainage holes in the bottom provide a place for water to escape, keeping a comfortable environment for your bird family. A decorative wire hanger is included for easy hanging.

The best time to put out your birdhouses are in February for southern states and mid-late March in northern states. I am an avid birdwatcher and use Cornell Lab of Ornithology for any questions I might have about birds.
This site will give you all the information you need to place your nest box, protect it from predators, what birds are cavity dwellers (use bird houses), how to attract birds to your property, and so much more. eNature and National Wildlife Federation are two other great resources.

A great project to do with your children is to gather bits and pieces of ribbon, yarn, dryer lint, hair gathered from your pet after brushing them ( horse hair is a favorite of birds), twine or anything else that you may have around, and put them into either a wire suet cake holder or other container that birds can easily pull materials out to use. I like to use colorful materials that can be seen easily. Hang it outside from a tree branch during breeding season, and birds will love to use these nesting materials to construct their nests.
Once the nest is empty in the fall,
 it's fun to peek and see if any of your nesting materials have been used.
Over the years, my children and I have always found the materials we put out used in the construction of a nest or two! We've also been very surprised by some interesting items found in their nests that had been collected on their own from around our yard. One year we found a shiny pink metallic strand from my daughters new bike streamers! They must have pulled it right off her bike!!
Have fun!

A heart flower on the back. Three hearts fall down the sloped roof.

Keep a look out for the next charming 'Love Birds' Birdhouse in this series. Check here on my blog or at my Etsy Shop,
I love creating custom designs.  If you would like me to create your own special 'Love Birds' Birdhouse, or one of the four designs in different colors, please contact me at my etsy shop or at
Have a wonderful day!
Tracey :-)