Friday, May 28, 2010

Great Gifts For Father's Day!

This is one of a gorgeous collection of wine bottle stoppers! Each piece is turned on a wood lathe and is a custom one of a kind creation. This would make any Dad smile!
Other interesting items created with local Missouri and exotic woods, are beautiful writing pens, kaliedescopes, bowls and more!

Ok, maybe it's my silly sense of humor, or maybe it just reminds me of my husband at the BBQ, but I found this grilling towel hysterical!! I just had to include it!
I think this would be perfect for that Dad who loves to grill
and if you buy the matching apron you get free shipping!!

  I think this would make a great companion to that towel!!  Looks like a very handy tool to open Dad's favorite beverage while barbequing..... And perfect to take anywhere with its attached keychain! Check out their hand forged buckles and handmade belts too!


This clock is awesome! It's created with a recycled hard drive circut board! 
There are many great designs to choose from and would make a very unique gift for Dad. What a great conversation piece to have on a desk!

I will have more great ideas coming up in the next few days!
If you have any other great items, just drop me a note and I will be happy to take a peek
and possibly feature them!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Necklace Inspired by Lilies of the Valley

Surrounded by lilies of the valley, my cat decides to sit right in the middle of them! Their beautiful white bells dangle off a single stem between two big green leaves. I have always loved picking them in little bouquets to bring into the house. It only takes a few stems of these little bell shaped flowers to fill a room with its wonderful scent!

Each spring they fill my front yard with an incredible sweet aroma!
No wonder they use this wonderful scent in perfumes! 
They have pretty orange/red berries in the late summer/fall, but I'm always sad to see their flowers fade!

I created this wonderful antiqued brass necklace to capture the graceful beauty of one of my favorite spring flowers! The Lilies of the Valley! Two Swarovski bicone crystals frame each side of this lovely stamped brass pendant, giving it a gorgeous sparkle!
I wanted to keep this necklace simple.... like the flowers it represents!

I love creating items that are inspired by the nature
that surrounds me!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday's Woodland Walk

Jack in the Pulpit- Arisaema triphyllum

These amazing plants are so unique and perfect for a woodland garden! They received their common name because the flower looks like a pulpit with a person inside! Why they called him Jack is a mystery to me!

Another very interesting fact about this plant is that it changes it's sex!! I'm not sure what triggers this change from  male to female, because in my garden it can be a male for several years and then come up female another year!
Male flowers are usually on plants that have one set of 3 leaves, and the female flowers seem to produce 2 sets of 3 leaves with a second surprise in the late summer/fall by producing pretty bright red berries!
Nature is incredible when you stop and look around!

Jack-in-the-Pulpits are 1' to 3' perennials that thrive in average to rich organic soil in partly shaded conditions ( but will grow in light shady spots). They also need average to moist soil, the latter being the ideal. They are found in moist woodlands and the edges of swamp lands from Canada to Southern, USA. These unique flowers bloom April to June.

They are a wonderful addition to any woodland path or garden.
Like all wildflowers, never remove them from the wild and remember to purchase them from Nurseries that guarantee they are 100% nursery propagated!
I hope they find a place in your woodland garden!

Pink Wild Geraniums and yellow flowers of Green and Gold

Creeping Phlox


As I was walking through my woodland path today, the birds suddenly fell very quiet. It felt a bit eerie!! You don't realize how many wonderful sounds are in the woods until everything goes quiet! Then I heard the piercing cries of the red tailed hawk. I've seen him fly over head occassionally, so, I guess all the creatures went silent hoping they wouldn't be his next meal!

He landed in my neighbors tree on a limb that looks over her bird feeders. He was pretty close! But while trying to get closer to get a good picture, off he flew! He could have at least waited a few minutes to pose for me!!
Oh well, I'll try again when he returns! 
  Until next week!! :-) 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

What I Fished Up on Etsy!

By recycledwoodart

By UnitedThread

By Wyllow

By TagoDesign

By rhnatali

Oddly enough, I felt destined to write about fish this evening!
Last night we had fish for dinner! Today, I spent the afternoon catching my front yard goldfish and moving them into my backyard pond. (the pump to my front yard pond broke) It wasn't as easy as it would seem, my fish are quite fast and proved to be a challenging game of hide and seek!!
 Once they were all happily swimming around in the larger pond, I came inside to rest for awhile, only to be informed by my son that he was going fishing with his friends at the local pond! (thankfully, they always throw the fish back in!) 

Was it fate? I don't know, but I decided to go catch myself some whimsical fish on etsy!!


Etsy artists never let me down with their ability to make me smile!  They're always amazingly creativity!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birdhouses & Recycled Soda Cans!

I just love creating these wonderful whimsical birdhouses! They can be found in my Etsy and Artfire Shops.

 Move in ready! These adorable wood birdhouses are both pretty and functional for outdoor use by any lucky bird!  (nice for indoor decoration also)

Recycled soda cans create these funky flowers, birds and other decorations that make each birdhouse unique. Copper and brass nails, securely attach all the flowers and edges are sanded for the safety of our feathered occupants!

These charming wooden birdhouses have been hand painted with a high quality outdoor acrylic paint in a variety of beautiful colors!  The inside of these houses have been left natural for the safety of the birds.

There is a front latch for security and easy cleaning. Venting in the back allows for good air circulation. A wire hook is included on all birdhouses to provide easy hanging!
If you think your backyard birds may like a different color combination, I would be happy to make one that will make them sing!

The dimensions are 7”x 5 1/2” x 8”ht. It has a 1” hole.

Springtime is the busiest time for house hunting, so hurry and treat your birds with a beautiful place to live! Look for more houses coming soon!

Treat yourself and family to a wonderful opportunity to watch nature in action!
A great gift for any Bird lover or Gardener. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Collection of Trilliums on Wednesday's Woodland Walk

 Trillium erectum 'album'

Ahh, I just love trilliums! It has taken me years of patience to finally be able to enjoy a woodland path that is dotted with a variety of these amazing flowers! It can take up to 6-8 years for a trillium to go from seed to actually flowering, but it is soooo worth the wait!


I discovered my first trillium while digging up ferns from a property that was going to become a road into a new housing development. I had obtained permission from the builder to take whatever plants I wanted since they were clearing everything and would soon be paved over with asphalt!  (Note: It is always important to get a property owners permission before taking a plant.  Many wildflowers are in decline, some are endangered, because of people taking them from the wild or over development. So I highly reccommend finding a nursery that grows wildflowers to buy from, unless, like this situation where the plants will be killed from construction).

It was a little nodding trillium, standing alone in the path of destruction. I'm so glad I was there to rescue it!  They are not the showiest of trilliums because its flower nods down below its leaves. After years of it blooming for me, the past two years it abruptly stopped, it is growing heartily and has actually multiplied into several plants now, so where the flowers are is another mystery!  I only have a picture of its leaves, which I'll spare you!

Purple Trillium - Trillium etectum

Many of my trilliums came in a mail order of purple trilliums years ago, they were shipped to me bareroot by a wildflower nursery. To my surprise, I think I only received a couple of actual purple trilliums.   After many years, some are just now blooming and they look a bit different!  So, I'm a bit baffled as to the exact name of some of the trilliums that have now begun blooming, one is even yellow! (I'd be thrilled if someone could identify them for me since I have spent hours on the internet trying to accurately ID them.)  It is important to make sure that the nursery you purchase wildflowers from, commercially grow them, and don't collect them from the wild. A practice we don't want to encourage since they can deplete them from an area. )

Sweet Betsy (Yellow form) orToadshade Trillium - Trillium recurvatum 'Shayi'

Whatever their names, I enjoy being surprised with their beautiful flowers each spring!

Yellow Trillium - Trillium luteum

Trillium means three-parted lily. Trilliums have three whorled leaves and a three petaled flower that comes from the center of the leaves. They can vary in color, size, mottled or solid green leaves and a host of other differences, so they can be a bit difficult to identify correctly!

Western White Trillium -Trillium ovatum (?)
White trilliums start to turn pink once they have been pollinated! This really confused me before I learned this fact. One day I was looking at a beautiful white flower and then a few days later I came out and found a pink one in its place!! I thought maybe the garden fairies were playing a trick on me!

White Trillium - Trillium grandiflorum

 Some interesting facts about Trilliums: 
* The White trillium has been known to symbolize the Holy Trinity in the Christian faith, because it's parts are in three's representing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as being one.
*It is said that picking a white trillium off a mountain brings rain!
*The white flower of a White Trillium often is used to symbolize purity, beauty or recovery.
* The root of a trillium is used in natural medicine for a variety of ailments. 
*It was given the nickname birthroot by the indigenous North Americans who used it as a birthing aid!
*It is the state flower of Ohio.
*It is the emblem of the province of Onterio, Canada.
* Ants are the main source of how trillium seeds are spread!

Prarie Trillium - Trillium recurvatum (?)

Trilliums are often a favorite flower for the white tailed deer to dine on. Picking a trillium can seriously injure or kill the plant taking years for it to recover. Before we raised the wire fencing on our property, I had to put wire cages on my plants so they wouldn't be eaten by our local deer!

A little collection of trilliums along my woodland path!

Hope you enjoyed your walk with me today!
Have a great week! :-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Recycled 2 Party

Soda was always a favorite drink of mine when I was younger! I remember visiting my grandmother's house and making a beeline to her pantry where she kept a wooden crate filled with glass soda bottles in a large assortment of wonderful flavors! I'm really dating myself, but back then, she not only had her milk delivered,  but also these crates of  SODA!! Can you believe it?

 Even back then I was a packrat, saving all the colorful bottle caps! I just couldn't throw them out, so I would make up games using them.  I don't know what ever happened to my huge bag of bottle caps, but once I had my own children, that old urge of collecting  began to take over again.  I had a hard time throwing out all those colorful soda cans and once again begain saving them! I knew someday I would find something to do with them!  As my little bag of cans grew to an over flowing garbage can, my husband began asking me to do something with them or he would!

Recycled 2 Party Colorful Flower Power Wine Charms

Hmmm! Still not having a clue what I wanted to do with them, I decided to start cutting them up so they would lay flat and I could happily continue collecting them! As I was cutting them up I saw a shape that liked and cut it out. It was a great shape, but what could I do with it? That's how my Recycled 2 Party Wine Charms were born! I just love working with all the different colors and patterns that are on these cans. I have lots of new shapes and ideas for them, so I hope you stop by every so often to see what I've been up to!! I'm so happy I have been able to recycle my aluminum cans into something fun and useful.

Recycled 2 Partty Airforce Flower Power Wine Charms

All the cans I use are recycled. They are washed and the edges are sanded so there are no sharp edges. Sometimes they may have little surface imperfections since they are recycled but I think this just adds a bit more history and charm to the pieces!

I enjoy creating wine charm sets using school colors (Wine Charms on the left are Penn States School Colors) great for graduation presents, coach or teacher gifts! Fun wine charms even represent different companies like this shoprite cart(picture on the right)! This would be so much fun as a gift for someone who worked or always shopped at shoprite!

If you have a special request on shape, colors, etc... just contact me. I love working with people to customize something just for them! Most of my sets come with 6 wine charms on a pretty card, however, I can make as many as you need. Perfect for any size party!
Recycled 2 Party Colorful Flower Power Wine Charms

For more information on these wine charms visit my Etsy or Artfire Shops.