Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday's Woodland Walk

Jack in the Pulpit- Arisaema triphyllum

These amazing plants are so unique and perfect for a woodland garden! They received their common name because the flower looks like a pulpit with a person inside! Why they called him Jack is a mystery to me!

Another very interesting fact about this plant is that it changes it's sex!! I'm not sure what triggers this change from  male to female, because in my garden it can be a male for several years and then come up female another year!
Male flowers are usually on plants that have one set of 3 leaves, and the female flowers seem to produce 2 sets of 3 leaves with a second surprise in the late summer/fall by producing pretty bright red berries!
Nature is incredible when you stop and look around!

Jack-in-the-Pulpits are 1' to 3' perennials that thrive in average to rich organic soil in partly shaded conditions ( but will grow in light shady spots). They also need average to moist soil, the latter being the ideal. They are found in moist woodlands and the edges of swamp lands from Canada to Southern, USA. These unique flowers bloom April to June.

They are a wonderful addition to any woodland path or garden.
Like all wildflowers, never remove them from the wild and remember to purchase them from Nurseries that guarantee they are 100% nursery propagated!
I hope they find a place in your woodland garden!

Pink Wild Geraniums and yellow flowers of Green and Gold

Creeping Phlox


As I was walking through my woodland path today, the birds suddenly fell very quiet. It felt a bit eerie!! You don't realize how many wonderful sounds are in the woods until everything goes quiet! Then I heard the piercing cries of the red tailed hawk. I've seen him fly over head occassionally, so, I guess all the creatures went silent hoping they wouldn't be his next meal!

He landed in my neighbors tree on a limb that looks over her bird feeders. He was pretty close! But while trying to get closer to get a good picture, off he flew! He could have at least waited a few minutes to pose for me!!
Oh well, I'll try again when he returns! 
  Until next week!! :-) 


Faerie Moon Creations said...

That Jack in the Pulpit is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I've never seen one before. I wonder how it would grow here (I can hear my husband groaning "oh no" right now...LOL). Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos! Theresa

tkdesigns4u said...

Hi Theresa!
They will definitely grow in CT. We had them in our woods where I grew up. They like part shade, average to rich soil,and average to moist soil. (the more moisture the better they bloom) So if you have a nice shady spot that gets alittle sun part of the day (even filtered sun), they will be happy!

I'm going to edit this post and add more information on this plant. It is quite interesting because it changes sex!! So check it out again!