Monday, May 10, 2010

Recycled 2 Party

Soda was always a favorite drink of mine when I was younger! I remember visiting my grandmother's house and making a beeline to her pantry where she kept a wooden crate filled with glass soda bottles in a large assortment of wonderful flavors! I'm really dating myself, but back then, she not only had her milk delivered,  but also these crates of  SODA!! Can you believe it?

 Even back then I was a packrat, saving all the colorful bottle caps! I just couldn't throw them out, so I would make up games using them.  I don't know what ever happened to my huge bag of bottle caps, but once I had my own children, that old urge of collecting  began to take over again.  I had a hard time throwing out all those colorful soda cans and once again begain saving them! I knew someday I would find something to do with them!  As my little bag of cans grew to an over flowing garbage can, my husband began asking me to do something with them or he would!

Recycled 2 Party Colorful Flower Power Wine Charms

Hmmm! Still not having a clue what I wanted to do with them, I decided to start cutting them up so they would lay flat and I could happily continue collecting them! As I was cutting them up I saw a shape that liked and cut it out. It was a great shape, but what could I do with it? That's how my Recycled 2 Party Wine Charms were born! I just love working with all the different colors and patterns that are on these cans. I have lots of new shapes and ideas for them, so I hope you stop by every so often to see what I've been up to!! I'm so happy I have been able to recycle my aluminum cans into something fun and useful.

Recycled 2 Partty Airforce Flower Power Wine Charms

All the cans I use are recycled. They are washed and the edges are sanded so there are no sharp edges. Sometimes they may have little surface imperfections since they are recycled but I think this just adds a bit more history and charm to the pieces!

I enjoy creating wine charm sets using school colors (Wine Charms on the left are Penn States School Colors) great for graduation presents, coach or teacher gifts! Fun wine charms even represent different companies like this shoprite cart(picture on the right)! This would be so much fun as a gift for someone who worked or always shopped at shoprite!

If you have a special request on shape, colors, etc... just contact me. I love working with people to customize something just for them! Most of my sets come with 6 wine charms on a pretty card, however, I can make as many as you need. Perfect for any size party!
Recycled 2 Party Colorful Flower Power Wine Charms

For more information on these wine charms visit my Etsy or Artfire Shops.


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hi there! These are so wonderfully cute. I've seen so many wine charms out and about. I really like the little heart charms. Great job! Theresa :)

tkdesigns4u said...

Thanks Theresa! They are fun and I really enjoy creating them!