Thursday, May 27, 2010

Necklace Inspired by Lilies of the Valley

Surrounded by lilies of the valley, my cat decides to sit right in the middle of them! Their beautiful white bells dangle off a single stem between two big green leaves. I have always loved picking them in little bouquets to bring into the house. It only takes a few stems of these little bell shaped flowers to fill a room with its wonderful scent!

Each spring they fill my front yard with an incredible sweet aroma!
No wonder they use this wonderful scent in perfumes! 
They have pretty orange/red berries in the late summer/fall, but I'm always sad to see their flowers fade!

I created this wonderful antiqued brass necklace to capture the graceful beauty of one of my favorite spring flowers! The Lilies of the Valley! Two Swarovski bicone crystals frame each side of this lovely stamped brass pendant, giving it a gorgeous sparkle!
I wanted to keep this necklace simple.... like the flowers it represents!

I love creating items that are inspired by the nature
that surrounds me!


Faerie Moon Creations said...

I love lilies of the valley! We bought some this year, but they haven't flowered...yet. Your new necklace is SO incredibly lovely! Theresa

tkdesigns4u said...

Hi Theresa,
If you bought them this year, they probably won't bloom, or they may have bloomed earlier at the nursery. Wildflowers sometimes take a year or two (or yeaars!) to bloom. But, Once they are established they will spread quickly!

Thanks for the great comment!
Have a great day!