Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh Baby!!

Baby Beanie With Swirling Flower by CrazyHatsbyImo
This trendy shop is filled with beautiful crocheted hats for newborns to adults, scarves and mittens.
Wonderful photo props are also found here.

Oh Baby!! How cute is this little one and the rest of these teeny models!
 As I was looking for a shower gift for a friends daughter, I quickly fell in love with all the beautiful newborn hats and other handmade items these little ones were showing off!  The photos are just gorgeous!
 It made shopping so enjoyable to see these cute little faces and how the hats look on them! After hours of smiling and giggling to myself, I just had to share some of them with you!

Gorgeous and creative hats, coccoons, and many other unique and colorful items for  newborns can be found at this adorable shop!

Photographed by
This cute little baby bear took his nap in a tea cup! Visit this gorgeous shop and find beautiful and unique newborn hats, coccoon Pod Nest Wraps, and much more!

  Past the age of having babies myself,
 my friends and I are just beginning to enter another exciting phase in life where our children are graduating college, getting jobs, getting married, and having babies!

This lovely shop offers a beautiful variety of newborn hats, headbands, furs,
 blankets, photo props and more!

 Luckily, my kids are still in high school, college and law school, they are younger than many of our close friends families.  So I don't expect to experience this first hand in my own family quite yet!! 

Photographed by Imomzi

Isn't this picture so precious??

  Peony Hair Flower on Crocheted Beanie by loveablebabyboutique
Curly Ostrich Puffs, Over the Top Flowers on crocheted headbands are only a few of the adorable items offered by this beautiful shop!

There are so many amazing shops on Etsy and Artfire that offer the most beautiful items for a baby gift
 sure to wow everyone!

Hungry after all your oohing and ahhhing?
Check out these adorable sweet treats! Sure to make any baby shower a hit!


  For more beautiful and creative items for gifts or a Baby Shower, check back soon!
 I'm having alot of fun exploring all the wonderful shops at and that cater to babies!

Hope you enjoyed these adorable gifts and goodies!
Enjoy your weekend!

Tracey :-)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter or Spring? What Do The Groundhogs Say?

Snowdrops blooming on Groundhog's Day!
Can You Believe This Weather?!

As I stroll along our woodland path enjoying another beautiful day of 45- 50 degree weather, I'm wondering what happened to the winter? If I closed my eyes, it could easily be a spring day, the birds are chirping, the squirrels are chasing each other through the trees, and all my bulbs are beginning to emerge! Usually in March I'm greeted by these little white flowers called Snowdrops, but, here they are beginning to bloom throughout my yard and along my woodland path in the beginning of February!

I'm not complaining! Here, in the NW part of NJ, we are usually shoveling snow and skating on our ice rink in February. But here I am, outside with just a sweater! We've been having very strange weather this fall and winter. We had our big snow storm in October when the trees still had their leaves! But now when we should be having snow storms, its been mild weather with more rain than snow. 

Since today is Groundhog's Day, I was hoping that  the groundhog's Phil or Chuck might be able to tell me if we will see an early spring this year or have 6 more weeks of winter. The prospect of  bracing for a snow storm in the coming days is not appealing at all, especially now that I have spring fever! However, after watching the news, I found that even they were split on what to expect this year!  Phil, the Groundhog from Pennsylvania claimed we would have 6 more weeks of winter and Chuck the Groundhog from Long Island, NY said definitely spring is here!
So, living somewhere between these two cute chubby creatures, I decided to go with Chuck!
Only time will tell which groundhog will predict the true outcome of this winter's ending.
In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the fresh air and start planning my vegetable garden!

Happy Groundhog's Day!