Friday, December 31, 2010




Kaylee--our husky, getting ready to party!

H A P P Y    N E    Y E A R !

Kaylee drinking HER water!


Cali our cat enjoying a little catnip mouse!
Cali taking a little personal time in a paper bag!



Cali and Kaylee


~~~~~~~2011  ~~~~~

Tracey :-)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beading Times!

This month I had the good fortune to have one of my beaded necklaces included in a wonderful online beading magazine, The Beading Times!   My Freshwater Pearls and Copper Necklace was featured with square beads in the Design Corner(September issue). This column features a different bead shape each month, offering lots of wonderful examples to inspire the reader and get those creative juices flowing!
Editor Sandra J. Paluzzi offers great beading, design, and marketing tips for the beading enthusiast. Meet featured bead artists, and enjoy a free monthly bead project! Clear, step by step instructions and great pictures make it easy to follow along! I loved this month's project, a framed bead pendant by Carol Ladine Lagoski!

Sandy also owns The Bead Peddler (Wholesale Beads, Beading Supplies and open to the Public) and has a shop on Etsy, beadpeddler.

It was very exciting for me to have a piece of my jewelry included in this informative online magazine, especially after the difficult summer I had. It was just what I needed to get that little spark back into me!

Have a great day!

*It's important to note that inclusion in this design column is free, and by invitation only.  Their jury exclusively searches through etsy and finds the look they need. They would appreciate not getting pictures or links to sites.   

Sunday, August 1, 2010

July - A month of turmoil!

Summer Rain - Happy Crying Cloud Raining on a Flower - mini ACEO print 3.5 x 2.5
By moonflygirl on Etsy

This month's weather has been hot, with lots of rain...
great for the garden... hard on the soul!
my life has been the same!
Needing some time to sort things out, I decided to temporarily put my shops on vacation mode..... a first for me!

On a Rainy Day Original Watercolor Paintin
By LaurenAlexander on Etsy

I hope to keep blogging when I can, and open up shop again some time in August!
The picture below reminds me that sometimes we have to go through some bad weather to reap the wonderful rewards at the end.

My shop items are still available to look at in my Artfire Studio.
Any questions feel free to contact me at

Showers Often Bring Flowers 8"x 10" mixed media
By junepfaffdaley on Etsy

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not Camera Shy!!!

While sitting on the beach reading my favorite jewelry magazines,

I noticed this Herring Gull watching me.
After 5 -10 minutes went by, I looked up again and
realized he hadn't moved! So, I slowly took my camera out
of my beach bag and started taking pictures.
Instead of flying away,
he seemed very curious and walked closer to check out my
shiny silver camera! Unfortunately, he got so close
many of the pictures came out blurry!

Later the same day, this little Laughing Gull
decided he wanted to be in pictures too!

Tracey :-)

Monday, July 19, 2010

This Storm Started Backwards!!

 While we were on our vacation at the Jersey Shore
I unwittingly captured this strange storm that actually started backwards?!
After having dinner on our deck that overlooks the ocean, I spotted this beautiful rainbow in the sky! I quickly grabbed the camera (which is never too far away) to see if I could catch what I thought was a fleeting rainbow. The day was hot and sunny---- perfect beach weather, for our first day at the shore! There was no mention of showers or rain in the weather report.
But, as I began taking pictures, I realized that the rainbow was beginning to change. 
Clouds began to form.

As the rainbow began to fade (left) this cloud formation began to form over the ocean to the right of it. The sun was beginning to set, giving the clouds a rosy/purple glow.

Then the rain began.

The rainbow was now totally replaced by this mushroom type cloud that seemed to rise from the ocean!

The sky looked threatening but it also reminded me of cotton candy! The gorgeous blue sky above this storm was such a pretty contrast to the cotton-like clouds. 

As the storm moved off into the distance I was able to see the rain coming down only from the vertical cloud. In the picture, it looks like a UFO hiding behind a large cloud!!
Eventually, the whole storm moved out to sea!

It was amazing! 
 I'm so glad I had my camera to capture it!

We had a wonderful week with lots of sun, and some rain (mainly at night!) I saw dolphins swim by, a whale spouting water several times before moving off, lots of surfers and even wind surfers! The waves were big and the sand was beautiful but hot, hot, hot! I picked up lots of shells for my mosaics and even found some wonderful pieces of seaglass!

Vacation is wonderful.....but there's no place like home! We were happily greeted with wagging tails, and doggy kisses by our family pets! 

Tracey :D 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Gorgeous Collection of Beach Towels For Everyone In The Family!

Jersey Shore, Here We Come!!

Since my children were little, we've been going to the Jersey Shore for our vacation!
Having such hectic lives year round, we just love to relax at the beach!
Our beach towels have been well worn through the years and its time to search for some new ones. Of course ,I turned to my favorite shopping spots online, Etsy and Artfire to see what was out there! I was overwhelmed by the selection, there are so many wonderful beach towels and accessories available, that I thought I would share some of my finds with you!

Towels For Everyone in Your

These fun beach towels come in a large selection of colors to choose from, and many   cute beach diva designs to fit your personality! 

Great for the Soccer player in your family! These can be personalized with a name also!
Custom Fire Dept Towel by threetreesembroidery on Etsty
Too cute!

A choice of several beautiful color combinations are available in this style.
Great for anyone, but I thought they would be good for your older daughter or son!

Perfect for keeping track of everyones towel during a day at the beach!

A Few Accessories For Utilizing your Towel to its Fullest!

I love that this is a duel functioning beach towel that keeps you comfortable & organized!

Great to way to keep your towel in place from shore breezes!

These towel bags are amazing!  They are made using a beach towel that folds up perfectly into the bag for easy transport. There is an extra large zipper pocket in the interior to keep your belongings out of the sun, sand and water!
PLUS - The bag itself fits onto the back of most beach chairs preventing your towel from sliding down your chair!

Great Beach Towel & Accessories For the Little One in the Family!

What a great way to keep those pacifiers out of the sand!

These wonderful shops are filled with lots of different items that have adorable designs and many personalized items! So check them out!
I hope this helped with some great ideas for beach towels and a few accessories!!

Tracey :-)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer is finally here! At your next party enjoy using these beautiful beach themed metal wine charms, featuring SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals! These are fun, gorgeous and a practical way to personalize your wine glasses or coffee mugs at parties, picnics, shore house, or even at the office! Never mixup your glass again!

  Just Beachy Set of 6 Wine Charms

Growing up close to the Connecticut shore, I was at the beach anytime I had a free hour or two! During the summer months through college I worked on Cape Cod, MA, and after graduation found myself living along the Maine coastline. So, its safe to say I have always been inspired by the ocean environment.

I now live in NJ far from the ocean---
it took some time to adjust driving several hours just to enjoy a little beach time!
However, many of the items I create are uniquely linked to a shore somewhere in the world. I love to incorporate many natural elements found along the shore into my mosaic boxes, heart boxes, jewelry, trivets and frames. I also have a  new line of ocean inspired mosaic glass and shell placques that I will be adding to my shops any day now.

This is a One-of-a-Kind Trivet/Decoration! I used gorgeous genuine hand collected Sea glass, created in a beautiful mosaic, rainbow swirl of color! Each piece of sea glass has been collected from many places around the world such as Ireland, England, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, California, New England & Israel. Many of the colors are very difficult to find, some are even rare. 
A Sea Glass Lover's Dream Collection all in one beautiful,
decorative, and useful piece!

So take a peek at the wonderful variety of handcrafted items I have created using the ocean as my inspiration!

 Check back soon for a fun collection of Beach Themed items I found created by other great artists!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Thank you for stopping by! 

The daylily above is one of many I have flowering in my yard. They are so pretty, and grow wild along many of the roads and woodlands here in NJ. They are called daylilies because each flower only blooms for one day! Luckily, daylilies have many buds to extend their flower time!
See you soon!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday.s Woodland Walk

This is one of the many birdhouses scattered along our woodland path. I painted this birdhouse with my children about 10 years ago. It has had many occupants over the years, but the past couple of years I noticed during very bad rain storms, you can usually see a little face peering out! Our gray squirrels are quite inventive and have renovated many different items around the yard (many of them my birdhouses) into little safe havens! 

Goatsbeard (Bride's Feather's) - Arnucus dioicus

A wonderful 3-6' native woodland plant. Arnucus means goat beard in greek.  I love its airy white plumes of tiny white flowers that rise above many of the other woodland plants.

Orange Honeysuckle - Lonicera ciliosa

Vines are also an interesting part of a woodland setting. Many times here in the east you will find virginia creeper, boston ivy, escaped wisteria vines and many other vines, climbing up tree trunks, rocks, or along the ground.  Many of our trees were covered with wisteria vines when we bought our home.  Wisteria slowly strangles your trees to death, so we cut them all down and had to diligently keep an eye out for newcomers.  We also had virginia creeper, that too lovcs to climb up the trunks of the trees giving a beautiful vertical dimension to the woods, however, I like to keep them short enough to be able to keep it under control.  

 Along our back fence I planted orange honeysuckle vines for added privacy from our neighbors. They can grow up to 18' along the ground or scramble up fences and other vertical structures. They are so pretty with their beautiful yellow/orange trumpet shaped flowers. However, the berries on this plant can be mildly poisonous if eaten by people, so beware of planting this if you have small children.
Hummingbirds love these vines!

Yellow Foxglove - Digitalis grandiflora

  They really stand out in the woodland setting with their pretty pale yellow flower spikes and dark green leaves. 

Oakleaf Foamflower 

The native foamflower bloomed earlier in the spring, but this is a hybrid called the oakleaf foamflower, receiving that common name because of the shape of its oak-like leaves. It is blooming now during the late spring.

Thanks for joining me on my woodland walk. 
See you next week!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Great Gifts For Father's Day!

This is one of a gorgeous collection of wine bottle stoppers! Each piece is turned on a wood lathe and is a custom one of a kind creation. This would make any Dad smile!
Other interesting items created with local Missouri and exotic woods, are beautiful writing pens, kaliedescopes, bowls and more!

Ok, maybe it's my silly sense of humor, or maybe it just reminds me of my husband at the BBQ, but I found this grilling towel hysterical!! I just had to include it!
I think this would be perfect for that Dad who loves to grill
and if you buy the matching apron you get free shipping!!

  I think this would make a great companion to that towel!!  Looks like a very handy tool to open Dad's favorite beverage while barbequing..... And perfect to take anywhere with its attached keychain! Check out their hand forged buckles and handmade belts too!


This clock is awesome! It's created with a recycled hard drive circut board! 
There are many great designs to choose from and would make a very unique gift for Dad. What a great conversation piece to have on a desk!

I will have more great ideas coming up in the next few days!
If you have any other great items, just drop me a note and I will be happy to take a peek
and possibly feature them!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Necklace Inspired by Lilies of the Valley

Surrounded by lilies of the valley, my cat decides to sit right in the middle of them! Their beautiful white bells dangle off a single stem between two big green leaves. I have always loved picking them in little bouquets to bring into the house. It only takes a few stems of these little bell shaped flowers to fill a room with its wonderful scent!

Each spring they fill my front yard with an incredible sweet aroma!
No wonder they use this wonderful scent in perfumes! 
They have pretty orange/red berries in the late summer/fall, but I'm always sad to see their flowers fade!

I created this wonderful antiqued brass necklace to capture the graceful beauty of one of my favorite spring flowers! The Lilies of the Valley! Two Swarovski bicone crystals frame each side of this lovely stamped brass pendant, giving it a gorgeous sparkle!
I wanted to keep this necklace simple.... like the flowers it represents!

I love creating items that are inspired by the nature
that surrounds me!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday's Woodland Walk

Jack in the Pulpit- Arisaema triphyllum

These amazing plants are so unique and perfect for a woodland garden! They received their common name because the flower looks like a pulpit with a person inside! Why they called him Jack is a mystery to me!

Another very interesting fact about this plant is that it changes it's sex!! I'm not sure what triggers this change from  male to female, because in my garden it can be a male for several years and then come up female another year!
Male flowers are usually on plants that have one set of 3 leaves, and the female flowers seem to produce 2 sets of 3 leaves with a second surprise in the late summer/fall by producing pretty bright red berries!
Nature is incredible when you stop and look around!

Jack-in-the-Pulpits are 1' to 3' perennials that thrive in average to rich organic soil in partly shaded conditions ( but will grow in light shady spots). They also need average to moist soil, the latter being the ideal. They are found in moist woodlands and the edges of swamp lands from Canada to Southern, USA. These unique flowers bloom April to June.

They are a wonderful addition to any woodland path or garden.
Like all wildflowers, never remove them from the wild and remember to purchase them from Nurseries that guarantee they are 100% nursery propagated!
I hope they find a place in your woodland garden!

Pink Wild Geraniums and yellow flowers of Green and Gold

Creeping Phlox


As I was walking through my woodland path today, the birds suddenly fell very quiet. It felt a bit eerie!! You don't realize how many wonderful sounds are in the woods until everything goes quiet! Then I heard the piercing cries of the red tailed hawk. I've seen him fly over head occassionally, so, I guess all the creatures went silent hoping they wouldn't be his next meal!

He landed in my neighbors tree on a limb that looks over her bird feeders. He was pretty close! But while trying to get closer to get a good picture, off he flew! He could have at least waited a few minutes to pose for me!!
Oh well, I'll try again when he returns! 
  Until next week!! :-)