Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Gorgeous Collection of Beach Towels For Everyone In The Family!

Jersey Shore, Here We Come!!

Since my children were little, we've been going to the Jersey Shore for our vacation!
Having such hectic lives year round, we just love to relax at the beach!
Our beach towels have been well worn through the years and its time to search for some new ones. Of course ,I turned to my favorite shopping spots online, Etsy and Artfire to see what was out there! I was overwhelmed by the selection, there are so many wonderful beach towels and accessories available, that I thought I would share some of my finds with you!

Towels For Everyone in Your

These fun beach towels come in a large selection of colors to choose from, and many   cute beach diva designs to fit your personality! 

Great for the Soccer player in your family! These can be personalized with a name also!
Custom Fire Dept Towel by threetreesembroidery on Etsty
Too cute!

A choice of several beautiful color combinations are available in this style.
Great for anyone, but I thought they would be good for your older daughter or son!

Perfect for keeping track of everyones towel during a day at the beach!

A Few Accessories For Utilizing your Towel to its Fullest!

I love that this is a duel functioning beach towel that keeps you comfortable & organized!

Great to way to keep your towel in place from shore breezes!

These towel bags are amazing!  They are made using a beach towel that folds up perfectly into the bag for easy transport. There is an extra large zipper pocket in the interior to keep your belongings out of the sun, sand and water!
PLUS - The bag itself fits onto the back of most beach chairs preventing your towel from sliding down your chair!

Great Beach Towel & Accessories For the Little One in the Family!

What a great way to keep those pacifiers out of the sand!

These wonderful shops are filled with lots of different items that have adorable designs and many personalized items! So check them out!
I hope this helped with some great ideas for beach towels and a few accessories!!

Tracey :-)


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Cute towels! The beach sounds like a fabulous idea - it's been blisteringly hot here in CT. Theresa

Barbara said...

Thank you for posting a photo of my towel Tracey! I have been sewing them steadily for a month now!!!! Must be the warm weather has everyone headed to the water. Thanks again!


tkdesigns4u said...

It has been hot here in NJ too!

Right now I'm enjoying the ocean breezes at the Jersey Shore!

I just wanted to check in and thank you for your comments! I just loved this assortment of great beach towels. I can't believe I ran out of time to decide which towels to get!! I'll have to get an earlier start next year!

Tracey :-)

Henry Jha said...

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