Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Pink Turtleheads Are in Bloom!!

These late summer bloomers are one of my favorite wildflowers during this time of year!

They are called Turtleheads because their flower resembles a turtle's head!
They are shade loving plants that are very at home along my woodland path. I have them in this lovely pink, and also in white. (my white ones don't seem to want to bloom this year!)

Nothing was going to stop this little bumble bee from having lunch! It's interesting how he fits so perfectly into the flower!
Soon my path will be filled with white and lavender Asters, and a variety of yellow goldenrods! Each season is so wonderful!


Jackie Thorpe said...

Your pictures and subject are excellent as always. What a love of
nature you have.

tkdesigns4u said...

Thanks so much!