Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Touch of Fall in My Garden

The Fall is finally here!  It's one of my favorite seasons. The cool days and cold nights are a wonderful change from the heat of the summer. I love getting out my cozy sweaters and Uggs!

The leaves are beginning to turn colors and dropping into my ponds! This year I decided to put netting on them to keep the leaves from getting into them. The fish are eating less and less getting their bodies ready for the winter. Many of my annuals are beginning to wither, especially after last nights cold snap.

The last of my fall flowers are blooming! My showy sedums, a variety of golden rods, asters, coneflowers, obedient plants and autumn crocus, remind me this is the last hurrah before winter sets in. My hardy deep pink chrysanthemums, and gorgeous blue monkshood are two of my favorite autumn flowers!

Our cat Cali loves to keep watch over our front yard!  She still loves to catch the leaves as they blow around the walk and watch the chipmunks scurrying around gathering berries and nuts.

Our Concord Grapes have taken over our arbor and are perfect for picking if we get them before the birds!

Another fall favorite with the birds are the seeds from the purple coneflowers!
The Goldfinches have been busy eating their seeds! I'm always amazed at how they can sit on their slim stems and feast on the seeds without breaking them. I never cut them down until all the seeds have been eaten. The seed heads look pretty even in the snow and provide food for the winter birds when insects are scarce!

There's always alot to do here in the fall! In between blowing the leaves off the grass, raking acorns from the driveway and cleaning up the plant beds, I love to plant bulbs for the spring!