Monday, October 19, 2009

My Talented Followers Series - 7

Today I had a hard time making up my mind on choosing items, so I  decided to feature two items from each of my talented followers!  Enjoy!.

Nature's Fragile Beauties Collection
created by Faerie Moon Creations on Etsy.
Birds and butterflies are my weakness! I just couldn't decide which to pick! So I decided to include both!:-)

Sing a Happy Tune Collection
This charming wood pendant is part of a wonderful collection creatd by Faerie Moon Creations on Etsy.
I just love Theresa's jewelry! These cheerful little chickadee's would look so great with my handpainted Nuthatch Wood Box!

To see the complete Collections of 'Sing a Happy Tune' & 'Nature's  Fragile Beauties'

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Garden of Mist
 Vintage Whimsical Necklace Harvest Green Enamel Flower Prairie Steampunk by
Bionic Unicorn on Etsy.
 Kristen is another amazingly talented jewelry designer! I love, love, love both of these necklaces!

Sunflower Periscope 
Vintage Yellow and Orange Autumn Enamel Flower Fall Harvest Halloween Steampunk Necklace

Bionic Unicorn Etsy Shop:

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Haunted Hayride
Handspun Thread Plyed Yarn - Merino, BFL, Mohair, Bamboo, Silk and Glitz
This is Hauntingly Beautiful!!

Sedona Hand dyed New Zealand Wool by Split Rock Ranch on Etsy.

This full time rancher and fiber artist offers gorgeous hand dyed and hand painted rovings and yarns, handspun yarns and custom fiber blend batts. I am so jealous that she is surrounded by Llamas! I kid my children about wanting to get one - they think I'm crazy! But I just love them! :-)

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Check back soon for more incredible Artists and Blogs!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goldfinches! Handpainted Box

This beautiful handpainted wood box depicts a pair of Goldfinches sitting on a tree branch together. These wonderful song birds visit my feeders throughout the year, inspiring me to paint them on this lovely heart shaped box!

 Vistit my Etsy Shop for more information.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Touch of Fall in My Garden

The Fall is finally here!  It's one of my favorite seasons. The cool days and cold nights are a wonderful change from the heat of the summer. I love getting out my cozy sweaters and Uggs!

The leaves are beginning to turn colors and dropping into my ponds! This year I decided to put netting on them to keep the leaves from getting into them. The fish are eating less and less getting their bodies ready for the winter. Many of my annuals are beginning to wither, especially after last nights cold snap.

The last of my fall flowers are blooming! My showy sedums, a variety of golden rods, asters, coneflowers, obedient plants and autumn crocus, remind me this is the last hurrah before winter sets in. My hardy deep pink chrysanthemums, and gorgeous blue monkshood are two of my favorite autumn flowers!

Our cat Cali loves to keep watch over our front yard!  She still loves to catch the leaves as they blow around the walk and watch the chipmunks scurrying around gathering berries and nuts.

Our Concord Grapes have taken over our arbor and are perfect for picking if we get them before the birds!

Another fall favorite with the birds are the seeds from the purple coneflowers!
The Goldfinches have been busy eating their seeds! I'm always amazed at how they can sit on their slim stems and feast on the seeds without breaking them. I never cut them down until all the seeds have been eaten. The seed heads look pretty even in the snow and provide food for the winter birds when insects are scarce!

There's always alot to do here in the fall! In between blowing the leaves off the grass, raking acorns from the driveway and cleaning up the plant beds, I love to plant bulbs for the spring!

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Talented Followers-6! Wow!

Wow! I can't believe I'm on my 6th feature of My Talented Followers!
I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am! Today, I chose items that reflected the colors of the Fall Season, ranging from adorable to exquisite!

'Squirrely' Print by Savage Art Works
I chose this adorable squirrel to feature because it was just perfect for this time of year!
However, each one of Terry's prints are more adorable than the next! I featured her ACEO Brown Bunny print in August ( Find it in August archives under So Adorable!) If you haven't seen it, take a peek, because it is too cute!

 Visit her Etsy Shop at
Visit her blog too! It will put a smile on your face and maybe even get you to laugh! My dog thinks I'm crazy as I sit in front of my computer and laugh!

'The Dalhia' Original Contemporary Painting by Bellissima Designs

I just love the colors in this gorgeous Dalhia! Sherri offers beautiful original paintings, garden art and Jewelry in her Etsy Shop!

Visit her at:

Inca style pearl, gemstone and vermeil pendant necklace by jbEbert

Judy just recently listed this incredibly gorgeous necklace! Her jewelry is just breathtaking!
Visit her Etsy Shop for more irresistable gemstone jewelry!!
 Also read how she was inspired to create this wonderful necklace, and enjoy the beautiful pictures on her Blog: http:/

More incredible artists to come! Check back soon!
Your comments are welcome!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nuthatch Painted Box

I just love to paint! It's a passion I've had since 4th grade. It all started when I came home one day and my mother was busy painting a picture of a tree that was in our backyard. I had never seen her paint before and was so surprised how beautiful her painting was! It was at that moment I decided I would learn how to paint too! I have great memories of the days a group of us took lessons with a woman in town. We would sit in her wonderful solarium, paint and chit chat with each other! We all learned alot over those years - our teacher was wonderful and very patient!!

After high school,  it had been years before I had time to break out my brushes again. I had my own children this time! My problem is that I love to create in many different ways. I shouldn't call it a problem, or an addiction, but I need to always be creating something --- reading many of your profiles I think many of you are the same way!! So inorder to do one thing, I have to put aside another and that's what happened to my painting.

 As I watched the birds in my backyard explore our new pond, stop for a snack at the newly filled feeders and bathe in the bird bath, I got this urge to paint them! Luckily I had an unfinished box to paint on! 
I love to make my boxes look old with several steps of painting, appying crackle medium and sanding. There are quite a few steps I have to go through before I can actually paint, but its worth it for the look I wanted to achieve.

I decided to paint this little Nuthatch! They amaze me at how they climb down my large Tulip tree head first! I hope to take a little time this fall to create a small series of boxes featuring birds.  I just  listed this box on my Etsy and Artfire Shops.

I also will be painting my second series of Winter birds for my Christmas ornament collection.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Irish Landscape With Wee Wool Sheep!

I stumbled upon this adorable terrarium
while browsing on Etsy!
It was so cute I just had to share it with everyone!

Irish Landscape With Wee Wool Sheep by WeeGreenSpot on Etsy
This creative Oregon artist was inspired by the beautiful rolling hills of Ireland and the sheep that dot the landscape!

Visit her wee little shop for more cute terrariums!
Being part Irish I have always wanted to visit Ireland!  I just might splurge and get myself some 'Ireland' in a bottle! :-)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Meet My Talented Followers - 5

This has been a lot of fun revisiting all my Followers shops and blogs again.   I have to re-emphasize how incredibly talented these artists are! I truly feel  honored to have them following my blog!  I thank them for their support!

Enjoy three more amazing artists!

Summer Galaxy Bracelet created by Sharon Palac of Bijoux Jardin
This bracelet is sooo gorgeous! I would wear it anytime!
 Sharon has some of her designs and beads featured in the Fall 2009 issues of Easy Wire and Stringing Magazines! To learn more about her visit her

'I Want to Play' ACEO Print of a watercolor painting of a pretty buckskin named Sugar!
This wonderful print was created by Tapestry316
Kathleen Roeth features watercolor paintings, drawings and prints of horses and many other animals!

 Rose Gold Wire Crochet and Silver Earrings with Pearls
These incredible earrings are created by 7 Art Jewelry, she combines different techniques & styles, turning metal wire into gorgeous lace-like works of art that you can wear!
I have featured Ilana as one of my Sunday Featured Artists in July 2009,  read more about her on my blog.

Visit her Etsy Shop:
Follow her designs at:  

**I hope to see you soon to introduce you to another three of my Blog Followers.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mosaic Frames! New Addition to My 'Shore To Please' Collection

My newest addition to my Shore to Please Collection will be these lovely shell frames!

This collection of jewelry boxes, keepsake boxes and now frames, have been inspired by my love of the shore and the scavenger in me! It is a real love of mine to work with sea treasures I have found, and be able to turn them into something special for someone else!

I just listed this frame called the 'Snail Family' created from shark eye sea shells, blue mussel shells and shell pieces all hand collected from Long Beach Island, NJ.

I hope to offer several more in the near future! I also love doing custom work, I have worked with several Brides to create shell mosaic keepsake boxes for their bridal parties. This would be another great gift to personalize for a wedding!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Meet My Talented Followers - 4

I am so glad that I haven't lost my followers again like so many other bloggers! Each morning I am happy to see their faces still there on the side of my blog! Meet a few more of my talented followers!

'Food for Thought' Made-U-Look Note cards created by Made By Swirly Girl! These note cards are just so colorful and vibrant! Perfect to send this time of year!
Laurie sells her gorgeous handmade blank note cards and matted photo art at her Etsy Shop:

Mocha Printable PDF Stationery Set Created by Avlor's Imprints
I love my coffee!! So this stationary set caught my eye!
 They also create wonderful gift and hang tags, sew-in labels, stationery and shop promotions customized just for you!!

Visit her Etsy Shop:

  Marcus Brothers Cranberry Starburst Batik Cotton Quilt Fabric. This gorgeous fabric can be found in Fabrics N Quilts Shop at Etsy. They also offer many other great fabrics, cut strips, fat squares and quilting notions.

Visit her shop:

Hope you enjoyed them! More to come soon!