Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kitty in My Studio!

Cali is her name! She is a red patch tabby cat that has been with our family for the past 8 years. She was born under our neighbors car while they were on vacation!  Her mom was a stray cat from our neighborhood. Our wonderful neighbors took her and the litter into their home until they could find good homes for them all! When my daughter and I went to visit ( I can't go near animals in need, without coming home with one!) Cali instantly chose US, she wasn't the prettiest of the bunch, but she was the funniest and most determined to come home with us! So, that night we trotted home with a tiny little kitten peeking out of my daughters arms.

Being home alot, Cali and I formed a bond that is inseparable. I think, she thinks I'm her mom, because she still to this day tries to suckle on my clothes! She is always by my side, on my shoulder, in my lap, and under my feet which can get annoying sometimes when I'm trying to work!

She loves to steal my chair when I get up, so I wind up standing alot while working in my studio!!(but I don't really mind!)

I spent many months converting my tiny basement into a studio, its almost finished--I just need to put those final touches on it like better lighting and the trim on my work tables. I hope to start writing about that experience with some tips on organizing a workspace very soon!

Cali has always had the freedom to go in and out as she pleased! Whenever she sees the lights on in the basement, shes at the window begging to come in! (You can see her in the top photo!)

But she loves to get into everything! Here she is checking out my raffia! During the Holiday rush I decided to keep it out for convenience, but it caught her curiosity and now its back in its bag!

Here she is while I'm trying to set up a photo session! She would not move until I realized she didn't want to be in the picture, it was the heat from the lamp I was using she wanted! It was getting too dark for pictures anyway so that was postponed to another day!

I really do love her companionship, and her input on my work! (She seems to favor the birds I paint! Hmmm!)
With my dog sleeping by my feet and my kitty on my chair I happily stand, creating my next project!

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