Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Surprise!! They Grow Up SO Fast!

My daughter is the youngest of my three children. 
 Just recently she got her drivers license! As I sat in the motor vehicle parking lot watching her drive off to take her driving test,  I wasn't quite sure why I had such butterflies in my stomach, I've been through this twice before and knew she was a great driver! But as I had time to reflect, I realized, it was because she is my baby....and this will be the last time she will be totally dependent on my husband and I for a ride! Getting her license is just one more step toward independence and one step closer for us to becoming empty nesters like most of our friends!!

However, when she came running over to my car with a giant smile and waving a piece of paper, I couldn't help but be so happy for her! It didn't seem that long ago I did the same thing with my mother!! 

Several days later, after looking at many different used cars, my patient husband finally found the perfect car to surprise her with!
As she got off the school bus I couldn't wait for her to walk up the driveway! After pausing at the mail box, she looked up and saw this car sitting in the driveway! Yeah! She was shocked and gave the car a big hug... then I got one too! Her Dad was at work, but I got it all on film --I'm surprised I even remembered to turn it on, but even if I did forget,  it will be forever etched in my mind!

I won't really miss driving her everywhere, but I will miss all the times we spent together driving to her activities, talking, and sharing those special moments!

Tracey :-)

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