Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Wednesday Woodland Walk!

Badly needed rain quenched my woodland plants today.  I didn't think I would get out for this weeks walk, but later in the afternoon the rain tapered off to a light drizzle before the sun briefly came out!

I love the woods after it rains, everything looks so luscious, the colors are vibrant, and the leaves glisten as the sun hits the tiny droplets of rain on the foliage!

Rain Droplets on Maidenhair Fern  Fronds.

Native Barberry After the Rain.
Native Barberry shrubs provide  protection for wildlife
and little red berries for birds in the fall and winter.
Several new plants are beginning to flower along my woodland path this week. One of them is a beautiful native wildflower called Goldenstar or Green and Gold, Many years ago, I fell in love with its cheerful little daisey-like golden flowers, and was lucky enough to be able to purchase several plants at a native wildflower sale!.Today, those few little plants have grown into a beautiful patch of golden yellow flowers that hug the side of the path. They definitely brighten any partially shaded spot with blooms from spring to summer.
Goldenstar, (Chrysogonum virginianum )
Grows up to 4" - 6" ht.

Yellow Trilliums

"Freckles" Violets
One of my favorite violets.

I think this is a Broad Shouldered Hawk .

For the past three years, this amazing  Broad Shouldered Hawk has been nesting nearby our property.  Last year he nested in a tree in our front yard and this year he's back nesting in my neighbor's tree across the street!

Through much of the spring and summer months, our little section of suburbia is terrorized by these two birds, especially as they watch protectively over their fledglings.

 How do two birds make adults run for cover? ..... By using the element of surprise! As you happily garden, mow the lawn, or any other outdoor activity you happen to be doing, they will unexpectedly swoop down just inches from your head, land on a nearby branch, and scold you. When you think they have given up, they swoop down again and again, until you finally get the message and leave!  Their scare tactic is very effective for most people!  But one of my pets growing up was a pigeon, so birds don't scare me, and I think it frustrates him that I don't turn and run like he expects me to!  Infact, I enjoy the interaction with these amazing birds and will always be happy to see them return. 

The late afternoon sun highlights the Christmas Ferns
 along the path, creating a beartiful glow!

Thanks for joining my walk today!

 Enjoy the moments you get to spend outside, appreciate the nature that surrounds you, and have a great week!
Tracey :-)

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