Monday, May 25, 2009

Dragonflies & Butterflies!

I just love this time of year! I'm beginning to see more & more butterflies visiting my garden! The first one I saw was a black swallowtail. I haven't spotted a dragonfly yet, but I love them too! Many of the plants in my yard specifically attract different types of butterflies, so by mid summer, my garden has a wonderful variety of butterflies fluttering about!

'Flight of the Dragonfly Necklace' -
Gorgeous brass Dragonfly has a
sky blue/lt.turquoise patina, giving it that
beautiful shabby chic look! Amazonite
semiprecious chips beautifully complement
the dragonfly. Antiqued brass chain.

The Monarch Butterfly is one of my favorites, mainly because they are becoming a rare site. Their host plant is milkweed, which is the only plant that they lay their eggs on! Once the larvae (caterpillars) hatch, this plant also becomes their only food source! With the dwindling fields of milkweed, caused from development, it is becoming harder for them to survive. There is a great site that I reccomend visiting if you want more info. on monarchs and interesting activities to do with your family.

I have introduced more and more milkweed into my garden because one little catapiller can eat several large plants! The 'Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle, was always one of children's favorite books!

So, now that you know how much I love these amazing insects, you can see why
I have introduced them into my work! Here are some examples!

'Butterfly Dreams' is a mosaic jewelry box created with sea shells,tumbled stained glass, freshwater pearls,and glass nuggets

'Sea Glass & Butterflies' Antiqued Brass Necklace A beautiful little filigree butterfly has a sky blue patina, and is complemented with a piece of genuine sea glass from Hawaii! An antiqued brass filigree leaf and turquoise glass flower bead completes this wonderful necklace!

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