Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Heart With A Connection!

My 'Heart With a Connection Collection' began when I started collecting sea glass and seashells from several different countries around the world. I especially loved the stones and seaglass I received from Israel. The thought that these treasures had actually been sitting on the beaches of a country that is so rich in history, was amazing to me!

I paired them up with my wood heart boxes, and fell in love with the idea of having something that I could use as a little jewelry or keepsake box with a sea treasure from a place that my ancestors were from or I had vacationed at. This collection, and my 'Shore to Please Collection' of mosaic boxes, offers people a meaningful link to a country or place through the sea treasures found on their shores!

East Coast Shores USA!
'Heart with a Connection Collection'
Hand collected seashells from the New Jersey Shore are combined with a metal star to create a beautiful heart shaped box ---perfect to store a vacation memory, jewelry or give as a gift!

Israel Dot. Dot. Glass-
'Heart with a Connection Collection '

This rare textured piece of amber sea glass, was hand collected and sent to me from the shores of Israel! This wonderful sea treasure is combined with a pretty white sand dollar and a heart shaped metal tag that has the word love on it.

Irish Sundrops & Pink Polka Dots!
'Heart with a Connection Collection'

This beautiful wood box has a heart connection to Ireland. Hand collected and shipped to me from Kerry, these yellow Irish seashells have a bit of Irish folklore to them! The three Irish sundrops, white starfish and pink shell all come together as a beautiful reminder of those Irish sunsets!

Israel Rocks
'Heart with a Connection Collection'
This beautiful wood box has a heart connection to Israel. An interesting rock and two beautiful pieces of sea glass (one white and one amber honey colored) are wonderful sea treasures that were hand collected from the shores of Israel and sent to me to create this one of a kind box! A little starfish and two blue mussel shells (not from Israel) also add a bit of magic to this lovely box!
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If I can customize a box for you with your sea treasures or mine, contact me and I would be happy to work with you to create something special just for you!

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