Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Woodland Walk Wednesday - Come Take a Walk With Me!

Common Blue Violet in the white form- My first violet of the spring just bloomed today
! I just love them! I have collected quite a few different varieties that
  I will share with you as they bloom. Shortly they will all be
 filling my woodland path with beautiful drifts of whites,
 purples, yellow and deep magenta pink!

 I'm so glad you were able to join me this week!
I've been busy working in my yard, trying to get my fertilizers down before it rained. Having a shady yard and woodland path, I have alot of rhododendrons, azaleas, and many other acid loving plants, so I give them a fertilizer that is specially formulated for acid loving plants. I like to give them a boost of nutrients for the growing season!

Persian Pearl Tulip(Tulipa humilis persian pearl)- This striking little tulip
 has naturalized itself along the woodland path.
 When I first planted them, our dog was just a puppy.
 As I dug the holes and dropped the bulba into them,
 our puppy was right behind me digging them up and chewing on them!
 Needless to say, I would have had a lot more of these!

  For the first time since I created my woodland path, I decided to also add a little tiny bit of fertilizer to my woodland garden. After rejuvenating the paths, and mulching the beds, I thought, why not rejuvenate the plants that live there too!  Hopefully, there will be alot more blooms to enjoy this year!

Kaufmanniana Tulip (Variety-Ice Stick) - Beautiful species tulip that grows about 12"HT.

I love to always add a selection of bulbs to my plantings.
  Little by little through the years, I have added species tulips and a variety of other bulbs to my woodland path. Unlike the hybrid tulips in your flower garden, they don't need to be replaced each year or two, instead they will come up every year and naturalize into colonies if they are happy where they've been planted. However,The squirrels seem to like my crocus bulbs,
so I have given up on growing them!

 Bleeding Hearts are beautiful when in bloom, but I think they are
 so graceful and colorful when they are coming up too!
Every day there are new plants popping up through the mulch. I find they can be just as beautiful on their own. Many new shoots start out one color and then mature into another color. Here are a few that are coming up now.

 Spiderworts are grasslike plants with beautiful flowers.  I love the
striking colors of the chartreuse green and deep crimson color sprouts.

Saving the best for last, are the fiddle heads that poke up and begin to
 unfurl into beautiful ferns. I have many different types of ferns along my path each
one with its own unique looking fiddle heads and later fronds.

My  Hummingbird feeder in red is hanging off a garden hook that has a
 kiwi plant growing up it. The green birdfeeder I temporarily put into the stump
 of the tulip tree we just took down until I decide what to replace it with!
 This bird feeder is supposed to be squirrel proof,,
 but they quickly figured out how to adjust their weight
so they can quickly grab a seed or two!! They're so clever!!

Walking along the woodland path I can always hear a variety of birds happily chirping! The chipping sparrow, junco, nuthatch, tufted titmouse, downy woodpecker and the carolina wren are a few of the regular birds I see along my path and at my feeders. Today there was a large Turkey Vulture circling above our property.  I have to wonder if it is looking for lunch - my yard is like a buffet for the hawks and larger birds of prey. I have many bird feeders, a small fish pond, and lots of bluestone walls filled with chipmunks--- what more could they ask for?! 

Yesterday, our local Wild Birds Unlimited newsletter mentioned that the hummingbirds are back in NJ.  They reccommended putting out our hummingbird feeders now, since after their long migration they are hungry and looking for food.

 I decided to finish our walk
at the hummingbird feeder I just put up today! I can't wait to greet them back with one of their favorite treats. Usually, when they first arrive back to our area, they will fly up to my kitchen window and look in as if to say- I'm back, where's my treat?  This year I will surprise them and have it waiting for them! If you would like to track the hummingbirds in your area, click on this website and find out when you should put out your feeders!

Hope you enjoyed our walk! Come back next Wednesday to see what else is going on along the path.
I would love to hear from you !

Tomorrow I will be showing a few of my favorite garden items found on Etsy and Artfire!

Have a great week!

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