Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pond Comes to A Temporary Halt!

We ran into a few problems with the waterfall!
It's been leaking somewhere!

This has not been an easy project compared to the installation of our pond in the front yard! However, when it's finally completed, it will be well worth it!

This weekend my husband and I decided to dismantle the waterfall and try to fix the problem. We think the liner was not laid high enough in several areas, allowing water to escape!

Meanwhile, the wildlife in our yard have been busy investigating this new addition to our yard! Birds are stopping by to bathe and drink and a little toad has been hopping around, a bit curious too! I haven't seen the chipmunks or squirrels visit yet, but I'm sure they've been there!

We now have three frogs living in the pond! They all seem to love floating around on the water lettuce or sitting on the water hyacinth roots! (Too cute!) They have become accustomed to having us around, and just happily sit there as we work around them, patiently waiting for us to finish their little paradise! :-))

The kids purchased 3 goldfish that quickly acclimated themselves to the pond. Once this project is completed, we will buy Koi fish to join our family! Unfortunately, the Koi from our front pond grew to 2' and then were eaten by a passing hungry blue heron! I was so upset! Since then, I created a safe area under water by using an old plastic crate. I cut out some of the cross bars on each side of the crate so the fish can swim in and out easily. It is topped with a flat stone and a wire frog. I don't think a heron or raccoon can reach them----- so far they have been safe! We did the same thing in our new pond. The crate sits on the bottom of the pond 3' below the surface of the water.

Our pretty goldfish seem quite happy swimming around in their new surroundings. They have been a bit shy, staying towards the bottom of the pond and close to the crate! However, they will soon learn that I am the source of their food and greet me with open mouths!! :-0

I'm really hoping we can finish up this project shortly. My husband is anxiously waiting to start putting up our annual ice rink!!

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