Sunday, September 13, 2009

Scrumptious Autumn Acorns!

These gorgeous acorns are made of marzipan!

I was so surprised these wonderful acorns were edible! I stumbled upon them while browsing through Martha Stewarts Weddings. Who can resist anything that Martha and her Staff creates!! They were suggested to be served at a fall wedding, but I think they would be a hit at any fall event! They look so festive sitting on colorful pressed autumn leaves just waiting to be served to guests on trays or at a dessert table. I just love them!!
The marzipan acorns were tinted with a light green food color, and the cap was created by dipping the top in dark chocolate then dipped in chocolate sprinkles!
They are just a delightful treat!
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I just may try to make them for Thanksgiving!

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