Monday, November 9, 2009

Pond Construction Update!

It's been a while since I've talked about the construction of the pond in our backyard.   This picture was taken early in the construction phase. (If you want to follow its progress it is in August archives.)

After finishing it's construction, we discovered there was a leak somewhere in the waterfall itself. For 2 months of shuffling rocks around and filling in every nook and cranny with a special pond foam filler, we finally fixed it!! It was a definite stumbling block, one I wasn't prepared for, since our small pond in the front yard has been no trouble at all for years.                                                                                       

For those of you who have been following this construction, I thought I would show you the progress we made so far!  I'm glad the waterfall is finally flowing with no problems. Just in time for the winter!

Because it got so late in the fall before I could plant, I just used plants I had around my property so it wouldn't be so muddy.  I also wanted to make it a little more interesting to look at since we can see it from most of our back windows.  But I can't wait until the spring to add more plants and put all the finishing touches to it.

As you can see, it's never the best spot to place a pond beneath deciduous trees! I have my work cut out for me removing all the leaves from the waterfall and pond. But I anticipated that from the beginning and bought a plastic netting to go over the pond. The problem? I never had the time to do it!! Oh well, I'll wait until all the leaves are down and then tackle this job in the freezing cold!!

We are now putting up the sides of our ice rink (you can see the white boards behind the pond)   Each year since the kids were little, my husband builds a huge ice rink. I will write about that at some point. Once the temperatures dip below freezing its time to lay the liner, fill the rink with water, and hope for a cold winter! :)

There's always something going on at our house! 

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