Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do I See A Bear In My Yard?

This morning I woke up to a phone call from my neighbor, alerting me that our black bear was back again this year! Before she could say much more, I was out the back door, hurrying to get a glimpse of one of my favorite animals. Sure enough, there he was, moving along the fence that separates our yards! Standing up at the gate located in the back of my woodland path, he took one little push and it was down. It looked like it was paper! As he sauntered down my woodland path (very well mannered, he stayed on my path!) towards our house, he saw my daughter and I standing there. Unfazed, he turned around and continued to walk along our path, down our stone steps, into our lawn, and then down the path to my garden garden gate that leads out to the driveway!

I'm so happy he decided not to go through our wood gate, but turned around and went back up into our woodland path. He had a tag on his ear, so he must have gotten into trouble somewhere, but he was very well mannered today except for the gate, and where he squashed down a section of the fence to peacefully lumber off into the next neighbors yard!

Last year he came during the night and had quite a party for himself! He knocked down our bird feeders and suet cakes then left a trail of broken pieces to another bird feeder along our woodland path! We were all sleeping when this happened and we awoke to our siberian husky huddled underneath our kitchen table! It took her more than a week to go outside by herself! Huskies are not known to be good guard dogs - and that's very true!

Its amazing what goes on in our yards that we don't even see! I'm so glad after 24 years of the black bears coming through our yard or by our yard I finally got a picture! I guess some people would not be happy about it, but I think its a wonderful treat!


Eugena said...

Wow! And I thought our dear cause too much damage in our backyard! I too love watching them even when they munch on my day lilies and daisies.

tkdesigns4u said...

Yes, we have lots of deer too! My neighbor feeds a small group of them! Luckily my fence keeps them out most of the time. But I can still see them. So I get the best of both worlds! Try spraying a mixture of cayenne pepper and water on the buds or foliage they will change their eating habits! The only problem is that you have to spray them after each rainfall, but it works great!

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Awesome photo of your bear! We too have black bears that live with us in the Colorado foothills. I never seem to have my camera handy!

tkdesigns4u said...

Thanks Julie! After 24 years I finally got a picture! Like you said having a camera is rarely on hand for these great moments. Luckily my daughter thought of it and got it for me while I watched in awe!