Friday, June 26, 2009

Welcome to My Garden

Welcome to My Garden! I thought you might like to see where I spend most of my time during our warmer months! I love the outdoors, and my garden has been a place where I can always find refuge from my hectic life. Over the years I have been transforming our 3/4 acre lot into a small wildlife sanctuary.

When we first bought this house we decided to separate the entrance to our garden from the driveway with a wood gate and arbor. My husband and I built this together, I designed it, he built it!! He was a good sport! Little did he know it was only the beginning of his many projects! I planted several concord grape vines to provide shade and grapes! In the fall I like to make grapevine wreaths like the one hanging on the gate in the picture. If you read my bear story earlier in the month this is the gate he didn't destroy!

Our bluestone patio off the back of our home connects to the entrance gate on one side and a hot tub on the other. A wrought iron table and chairs is one of my favorite spots to drink my morning coffee, bird watch and congregate for family dinners! Unfortunately, this spring has been cool and rainy, so I haven't been able to enjoy doing that much.

It's also a wonderful spot to work on my crafts when it's warm and sunny. Our Siberian Husky loves to hang out with me, staying cool under the table and patiently hoping to catch any crumbs I might drop from a snack break!

My pink Rosebud Azaleas are in full bloom! They are amazing with their soft pink, double flower blossoms. They look like little roses!

This is our cat enjoying the garden too! Her favorite past time is chipmunk and bird watching! She is a brown patch tabby cat born to a feral mother. Seven years ago, our neighbors came home from vacation and found the mother cat and six kittens under their car! My daughter chose this kitten to adopt! We absolutely love her!

Each week I look forward to revealing another part of my garden!

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